GradeMaker offline

Update: 21/02/17 17:33
GradeMaker is back online
The Major Incident has been closed. Further investigation is ongoing to the root cause of the issue
The update script has completed.
We have enabled the application again and are testing the migration
The system will be monitored and retested.
Thank you for your patience
Update: 21/02/17 16:50
The update script is still running to expectation and should be finished within the hour. GradeMaker remains offline while it completes.
The next update will be within 1 hour (17:45 GMT).
Update: 21/02/17 15:38
We have stopped the database update script running on the live database. After further reviewing of the script a small change has been made to make it run for efficiently.
This script is currently running again and we are reviewing its performance.
Our expectation is this script will be complete in the next two hours. If timings continue to indicate the speed of the script doesn’t degrade we plan to let it complete.
As a precaution we are still keeping the application offline while the script runs.
We will update you if the situation changes.
Again thank you for your patience.
The next update will be within 1 hour (16:30 GMT).
Update: 21/02/17 14:33
GradeMaker has initiated the Major Incident process for this issue.
The latest update to GradeMaker was deployed this morning giving improved functionality for adding assets to the product, as well as a number of smaller improvements and fixes.
As part of that release a script was run to update the database for the new code. This script has run very slowly and not completed in time.
The implications of this are that the new GradeMaker code is running against the database which hasn’t been updated. This is causing undesirable results.
The Major Incident Team has made the decision that to preserve the validity of the data in the database that access to GradeMaker be temporarily restricted while the team review the current status.
GradeMaker will remain offline until the issue has been resolved or a work around impended.
The next update will be within 1 hour (15:30 GMT)