Intermittent outage

Update: 18/09/18 14:33
We have released a configuration change to the server that has removed the server memory issue. The servers are being monitored and the incident is being closed.
Update: 11/09/18 19:47
We have isolated a memory leak in one of the technologies we used to build GradeMaker. This memory leak was causing the original servers to run out of memory and not be able to server the site to users. A fix has been found for the memory leak and we are testing it thoroughly before deployment. The expectation for the deployment of the fix is the beginning of next week, if testing goes well. In the meantime the service has not had any downtime since we added the larger servers in and we are continuing to monitor the system. The system up-time for the last year is 99.99{112041c62ebe48a6d3776d7b731c2d0241bfe962272e59aab80061c319a1a4b9}
Update: 06/09/18 09:02
We are experiencing some intermittent outages of a few minutes at a time. If you experience a “Gateway Timeout” message then please try again a couple of minutes later. We are investigating this issue and will publish an update as soon as we have it.