Our Story

GradeMaker is a young company, passionate about using technology to solve challenges. Our starting point was the belief that while exams should be demanding, making them shouldn’t be.

In 2014, we put together a dynamic team of exam and technology experts and challenged ourselves to deliver the best possible system to help exam setters globally. We wanted to create a tool that would really empower authoring teams to create the highest quality tests, work more efficiently and keep their content very secure.

Nine years in, we think we have the best tool anywhere, supporting innovative and secure approaches to test development. We now have customers around the world, large and small, and we continue to look for new ways to deliver more – helping to make the business of exam development better. And what’s more, along the way we’ve made it easier for authors to work remotely together – and helped organisations take their exams online.

We are now also a proud part of the AQA Global Assessment Services Group. We are working closely with them to ensure our software continues to meet the evolving needs large scale assessment providers.

Why not join us to start your journey to online test authoring? Contact us for a free demo today at info@grademaker.com.