Vocational Qualification Providers

Vocational Qualification Providers

For organisations that provide tests to assess practical workplace skills and support for occupational development

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Authoring questions for EPA assessments made easy for vocational qualification providers
Federation of Awarding Bodies EPA End Point Assessment Partners
We are proud to be partnered with the Federation of Awarding Bodies as the headline sponsor of their 2022 End Point Assessment Conference.

See how the right tools can help you to make best use of your budget so that your tests remain valid, reliable, and comparable as you grow.

We help Vocational Qualification Providers to modernise and enhance their testing

How GradeMaker enables efficient internal quality assurance:

The EQA Framework from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, champions efficiency in it’s core principles, where providers should ‘ensure that the right aspects of quality are measured, the right activity is undertaken by the right people, at the right time’.

The GradeMaker Pro online authoring system is perfectly designed to help you easily and consistently develop and publish your written assessments in line with this guidance.

Ensure the right aspects of quality are measured

Test development versioning Set workflow and tag to specification
Assessment authoring user permission control

Ensure the right people undertake the right activity at the right time

Ensure your system supports a risk-based approach to exam design

In this article from our CTO, you can learn how GradeMaker protects your content from common and complex security risks.

Test development versioning Tracking changes

News from the GradeMaker Team

Version Compare: Complete Your Accountability and Efficiency Toolset

Balancing accountability and efficiency in your exam development process is critical. Version Compare is a brand-new feature in the GradeMaker suite that will help you to maintain the accuracy and consistency of exam content.

No more lost edits: How assessment developers can get total version control

The more eyes you can get on each test, the better chance you have of spotting and removing errors. However, you run the risk of vital feedback getting lost or missed along the way. Discover 7 ways to improve version control with GradeMaker Pro.

Easy Paper Composition: Balance your Tests Faster with Digital Authoring

Easy Paper Composition: Balance your Tests Faster with Digital Authoring

Are you manually calculating the composition of your papers? Does it take a lot of time and effort to make sure you have a well-balanced test? See how our paper composition tools can help you to achieve the perfect paper balance — every time.

Centralised and Secure User Permissions Controls for exam authoring in GradeMaker Pro

The 10 user roles that can make exam authoring 10x smoother

We have recently expanded the range of user roles in our authoring management toolkit. Developed with input from the leading awarding bodies we work with, these tools reduce the admin burden of manually assigning permissions...

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