Who GradeMaker Supports

Who GradeMaker Supports

Enabling secure, high-quality test authoring

You can more confidently produce valid and reliable tests with our specialised tools for managing your entire test authoring process.

GradeMaker supports test development professionals around the world

Test development versioning Ensure total comment and correction implementation

Every establishment works differently and needs to use the right tools for each unique part of their process. GradeMaker Pro is designed around the way assessment creators really operate.

We work closely with our users to develop tools which help them to produce high-quality tests more efficiently.

Some of our users need to scale up exam production and want to increase efficiency. Some are focusing on organising remote contributors and driving up standards. Whatever your priorities are, we can tailor our partnership to meet your needs.

We work with every customer to understand their individual challenges and help them achieve their goals in a cost effective and sustainable way

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