Security Enhancement

Security Enhancement

Keep every element of your assessments completely secure and reduce the risk of breaches

We support the highest standards of assessment security

When working on sensitive assessment material there are many parts of your process that could be vulnerable to breaches. The need to mitigate against this risk often requires organisations to resort to lengthy, manual authoring processes. Our tools support complete security enhancement, while speeding up your authoring process with a 100% online solution.

Your test security and development process could be enhanced by creating tests digitally if…

Find out more about the advanced security technology available you and your team with advanced online exam authoring tools. 

GradeMaker Pro gives you...

Security Enhancements User Tab Overview
These comprehensive permissions management tools can help to you more efficently control access to your assessments.

There is an easier way to meet your regulatory requirements around test security

As a test developer using GradeMaker, you will:

Security support Through User Access Analysis
Comprehensive tools for reporting on user activities.

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