GradeMaker Pro

GradeMaker Pro

The GradeMaker Pro authoring system is used by test development professionals around the world

We use technology to support meaningful improvements in quality, security, and efficiency

Our system is designed for organisations which need to develop and publish quality, high-stakes tests in a modern, secure, and cost-effective way. 

We support all assessment development teams, from the smallest certification providers to the very largest exam boards and government organisations.

Whether you have an in-house team of a few writers, or outsource your authoring to hundreds of freelance creators, you will want to know you are managing your authoring process in the most robust, secure, and futureproof way possible.

Our features are developed by working alongside assessment developers like you

We know that commissioning work, reviewing questions, meeting deadlines, and managing all the details in between, is one of the toughest jobs in publishing. 

Our authoring system has been developed alongside assessment experts like you, to create the most fully featured test writing platform available today.

GradeMaker Pro enables you to bring all your assessment writing and publishing processes online, making the transition to digital as easy as possible with flexible tools which fit into the way your teams already operate. 

We also provide a thorough training, implementation, and support process, which is tailored to the needs of your teams.

GradeMaker Pro helps test development teams to overcome the hurdles of running a high-pressure authoring cycle, without imposing any technical barriers or limitations.

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