Test Publishing

Test Publishing

Output your papers to print and digital, no time wasted on typesetting or formatting

We help assessment organisations to run an efficient test publishing process

Just because you’ve finalised what’s in your test, that doesn’t mean the hard work is over. Getting a test exam-ready poses unique and difficult publishing challenges. Fortunately, GradeMaker Pro provides integrated output tools that will save months of production time and huge portions of your budget – while minimising the number of people who need to handle the content for improved security.

GradeMaker Pro can be integrated as part of a modular setup, providing a reliable long-term platform for your test authoring, no matter what your test delivery method is. You can use the same authoring solution to output tests to your preferred on-screen test player, or as an automatically typeset paper. 

If you are publishing all your tests on paper

If your organisation delivers all your tests on paper, you may feel that the most cutting-edge authoring systems won't support your way of working. At GradeMaker, however, we have designed a test development system which supports the way assessment professionals really work. With us you can benefit from powerful technology for paper creation, without having to move to digital delivery.

Our PrintPrep tool can support you if:

Watch this quick video to see what PrintPrep can do:

If you are publishing online and on paper

If your organisation delivers tests online, and on paper, you may be in a difficult transition phase. At GradeMaker we have unique tools which enable you to author everything in one place and take advantage of dual output features. You can deliver your tests exactly the way you want them, without extra workload.

Our online authoring platform can support you if:

If you are publishing all your tests digitally

If your organisation delivers all your testing online you may want to make the most of all the efficiencies that technology can offer. At GradeMaker we can help you to adopt even more innovations, holding all your assets in a fully flexible and futureproof format.

Our online authoring platform can support you if:

GradeMaker Pro gives you...

Dual Test Publishing Output
Dual Output Test Publishing With GradeMaker

There is a simple way to make publishing tests much more efficient.

GradeMaker Pro provides automated output tools for print and digital that you won’t find anywhere else.

As a test developer using GradeMaker, you will:

Download Test - Paper Publishing Option from Automatic Exam Typesetting
Exporting an automatically typeset paper.

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