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We are proud to be partnered with the AHE Network as sponsors of their 2022 International Assessment in Higher Education Conference.

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Smart tools for credible, valid, and reliable assessment in Higher Education

It is the ultimate goal of assessment development that every paper and result be as credible, reliable, and valid as possible. This is more important than ever in light of the May 2022 revisions to the quality and standards conditions of registration from the Office for Students.

Hidden Hurdles: How traditional assessments can hold back diversity and inclusion in HE

Within traditional high-stakes assessments in Higher Education there are several hidden hurdles which prevent inclusivity and diversity initiatives from taking full effect. Read our four recommendations for developing diverse and inclusive assessments.

5 Ways to Improve Exam Quality at a Time of Digital Transition

Quality will always be the primary consideration when developing high-stakes exams. So at a time of transition from paper to online test delivery, a key challenge will be in ensuring your quality assurance process remains robust as you introduce new workflows, new item types, and new ways of trialling tests.

Authoring Process: Free Innovation Readiness Checklist

Organisations wanting to implement innovations in their assessments need to start by establishing good authoring processes. If you are developing high-stakes tests and want to identify which parts of your process could be holding you back from delivering change, this free innovation readiness checklist is for you.

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