Question Item-Banking

Question Item-Banking

Build tests faster and easily re-use your assets with a secure and comprehensive item-banking system

We support assessment development teams moving to an online question item-banking system

Many assessment providers are considering adopting question item-banking to get more value out of their assessments and make it easier to meet their publishing deadlines. When done right, it’s great way to scale-up test production and futureproof your organisation. We help test developers to get more value out of their assets and streamline their authoring with a secure and user-friendly question item-banking system, which saves them the trouble of building their own system.

Your testing strategy could benefit from item-banking if…

GradeMaker Pro gives you...

Justify grade inflation with anchor items to ensure questions are credible and reliable

These are just some of the ways we help test creators to build the best papers possible. In GradeMaker Pro you can also define custom metrics, on top of all these options, for tagging questions.

Watch this 5 minute video on Item Banking and Meta Data. See how you can more quickly and accurately record, manage, and use test meta data using our assessment building tools.

There is an easier way to store and organise your questions. We make item-banking work for you.

As a test developer using GradeMaker, you will:

GradeMaker Question Item-Banking - Advanced Search for Testing Assets
Navigating your item-bank with a quick question filter.

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Build or Buy: What’s the best way to establish your item banking software?

If you’re looking to build a bank of assessment items, your first job will be to find a system to manage them in. One which is secure, easy to use and will help you to significantly improve your organisation’s assessment processes.

How to Make the Most of Question Item Banking​: Item Banking Masterclass from AlphaPlus

In this free webinar John Winkley and Hannah Rowe share insights into the lessons learned from awarding bodies who have implemented question item banking. They share their decades of experience working closely with test developers, presenting the most critical Dos and Don’ts.

Digital evolution in item banking: Developing high-stakes assessments more efficiently

In this article we summarise why assessment banking is proving a successful approach for high-stakes exam providers. We’ll also explore the latest technological developments and the ways they have helped larger awarding bodies to improve efficiency in the authoring process.

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