Professional Qualification Bodies

Professional Qualification Bodies

For specialised, industry leading institutes providing professional accreditation and CPD

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We are proud to be partnered with the Federation of Awarding Bodies as the headline sponsor of their End Point Assessment Conference.

We help Professional Qualification Bodies to modernise and enhance their testing

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News from the GradeMaker Team

How To Speed Up Exam Typesetting

How To Speed Up Exam Typesetting – Without Errors Creeping In

When Automatic Typesetting went live last year, awarding bodies were immediately keen to begin using it to speed up their exam typesetting. Since then, Exam Coordinators and Administrators have been able to use it to reduce their production times.

Easy Paper Composition: Balance your Tests Faster with Digital Authoring

Easy Paper Composition: Balance your Tests Faster with Digital Authoring

Are you manually calculating the composition of your papers? Does it take a lot of time and effort to make sure you have a well-balanced test? See how our paper composition tools can help you to achieve the perfect paper balance — every time.

5 Ways to Improve Exam Quality at a Time of Digital Transition

Quality will always be the primary consideration when developing high-stakes exams. So at a time of transition from paper to online test delivery, a key challenge will be in ensuring your quality assurance process remains robust as you introduce new workflows, new item types, and new ways of trialling tests.

Documentation in Disarray? Easy Organisation for your Author Guidance

Keeping essential author guidance up-to-date, organised and easy to access can be challenging. Discover the easy way to centralise all your guidance documents and improve the quality and efficiency of your authoring processes with GradeMaker Pro.

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