Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Tools to ensure that every question is error-free, valid, and reliable

We help testing organisations to improve their quality assurance process

A key aim for many high-stakes test providers is to ‘bake in’ quality assurance at each stage of the test development process. With GradeMaker Pro you can achieve this with customised quality checks, handy reviewer tools and exam coverage reports for scrutineer meetings.

Moving to online authoring can improve exam quality if…

GradeMaker Pro gives you...

Assessment Reviewer Role

There is an easier way to maintain high-standards in your quality assurance process

Get a complete overview of your quality assurance process with Version Compare

GradeMaker Pro enables you to get a complete picture of your authoring, reviewing and approval process, capturing who did what and when.

This unique feature allows you to quickly and efficiently run a ‘Root Cause Analysis’, identify where errors were introduced and amend workflows to guard against future mistakes.

“One of the key parts of my role is accountability, ensuring that all issues raised during review stages have been addressed and resolved at each stage of the production process. This is where the Version Compare tool has been an absolute game changer. You no longer have to check back to the previous version, as the compare tool really clearly shows you what has changed.”

As a test developer using GradeMaker, you will:

Test Quality Assurance Form Short

See how you can make guidance information and QA forms automatically available to your contributors when and where they need them.

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Quality will always be the primary consideration when developing high-stakes exams. So at a time of transition from paper to online test delivery, a key challenge will be in ensuring your quality assurance process remains robust as you introduce new workflows, new item types, and new ways of trialling tests.

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