School Assessment Providers

School Assessment Providers

For high-stakes exam providers serving ages 5-18

Providing high-stakes tests to schools can be very complex. You need to manage large teams of associates while maintaining the highest levels of quality, confidentiality and security. The need to modernise in the face of unexpected disruptions only makes this an even greater challenge for school assessment providers.

Do you aim to...

School Assessment Providers: Print Ready and Item Tracking
“We chose GradeMaker Pro following a rigorous tender process and are working with them to develop and strengthen our approach to writing examinations for the benefit of schools and students.”
Tracey Newman
Director of Customer and Sales

How GradeMaker supports school assessment providers with our digital platform for exam production

School Assessment Providers: tools for audio and image item writing

News from the GradeMaker Team

Documentation in Disarray? Easy Organisation for your Author Guidance

Keeping essential author guidance up-to-date, organised and easy to access can be challenging. Discover the easy way to centralise all your guidance documents and improve the quality and efficiency of your authoring processes with GradeMaker Pro.

Easy Paper Composition: Balance your Tests Faster with Digital Authoring

Easy Paper Composition: Balance your Tests Faster with Digital Authoring

Are you manually calculating the composition of your papers? Does it take a lot of time and effort to make sure you have a well-balanced test? See how our paper composition tools can help you to achieve the perfect paper balance — every time.

What Makes Cloud-Hosting the Most Secure Option for your Exam Authoring?

Are you comparing local vs cloud-hosted question development systems? Get answers to the most common questions awarding bodies ask when updating their test authoring.

Centralised and Secure User Permissions Controls for exam authoring in GradeMaker Pro

The 10 user roles that can make exam authoring 10x smoother

We have recently expanded the range of user roles in our authoring management toolkit. Developed with input from the leading awarding bodies we work with, these tools reduce the admin burden of manually assigning permissions...

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