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What's new in assessment authoring?

Build or Buy: What’s the best way to establish your item banking software?

If you’re looking to build a bank of assessment items, your first job will be to find a system to manage them in. One which is secure, easy to use and will help you to significantly improve your organisation’s assessment processes.

Version Compare: Complete Your Accountability and Efficiency Toolset

Balancing accountability and efficiency in your exam development process is critical. Version Compare is a brand-new feature in the GradeMaker suite that will help you to maintain the accuracy and consistency of exam content.

4 Reasons Awarding Bodies Are Switching To Decentralized Authoring

Implementing a decentralized authoring process can bring significant benefits to organisations and even reduce some of the risks associated with traditional authoring methods.

What Makes Cloud-Hosting the Most Secure Option for your Exam Authoring?

Are you comparing local vs cloud-hosted question development systems? Get answers to the most common questions awarding bodies ask when updating their test authoring.