Improving Authoring Efficiency

GradeMaker Pro offers end to end process improvement

Improve your efficiency, saving time and money. GradeMaker Pro offers outstanding support for the planning, review and approval processes, making even the most complex process manageable and straightforward. Putting you in control – every step of the way.

The workflow cycle

Supporting your workflow efficiency

Get it right first time

GradeMaker Pro makes it easy to support your authors, so they can get items right first time.

Manage your artwork

It's easy to improve your artwork commissioning process by capturing artwork briefs in a consistent way.

Track item status

Instant tracking of item status, making it easier for you to manage the authoring process.

Multiple review cycles

GradeMaker Pro makes it easy to view all the items at a glance and keep track of where they are in the review process.

Set your own workflow

GradeMaker allows you to create your own workflows, to meet the needs of your organisation, and different subjects.

Roll back to previous versions

Each item version is saved along with reviewers' comments for easy tracking and monitoring

“We introduced GradeMaker Pro to enable us to write our medical exams and to help our authoring teams collaborate to ensure that the content was valid and of high quality. We have found the tool really easy to use and it has delivered exactly what we needed."
Tobias Dietrich DEH, Online Medical School, Germany