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The online exam authoring system used by exam boards around the world to drive improvements in their processes and products

Improves efficiency

GradeMaker Pro offers outstanding support for the planning, review and approval processes, making even the most complex process manageable and straightforward. It is flexible enough to let you choose the workflow that suits you best and then implement that rigorously.

Raises quality

Exam boards world-wide are adopting item banking to improve the quality and security of their exam papers. GradeMaker Pro’s item banking tools allow even non-specialists to use item performance data to create exams that meet international standards of validity and reliability.

Keeps content secure

From the start of the authoring process to the delivery of your high stakes exam papers, you need to know that your content is as secure as it possibly can be. That’s why GradeMaker Pro is leading the field with a range of security features and tools.

“We chose GradeMaker Pro following a rigorous tender process and are looking forward to working with GradeMaker to develop and strengthen our approach to writing examinations for the benefit of schools and students.”
Tracey Newman Director of Product Fulfilment, AQA

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GradeMaker Pro’s powerful workflow system provides outstanding support for the planning, review and approval processes. Even the most complex process is made manageable and straightforward.

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