GradeMaker Archive

A digital library of all your exam content

Welcome to GradeMaker Archive

 GradeMaker Archive functions in three ways: as a research tool to give you insight into past exams, as a training tool to help train your authors in good exam practice, and as  a great first step to get started on the journey to authoring online.

Watch this short film to find out more about how our free archive service can transform your understanding of your exam database and give you insights into how to improve.

What are the key features of GradeMaker Archive?

  • Your historical performance data can be loaded into GradeMaker Archive. This will help to build critical understanding of how your tests are performing and strengthens your review processes after each exam session.
  • Powerful search tools, including by item type, Bloom’s, key word and syllabus topic, help you understand your assessments more deeply.
  • Easily create ‘collections’ of items to give exemplars and learning points to be shared with authoring teams.
  • Quickly add ‘Notes’ to each item, recording lessons learnt and future improvements.
  • See patterns of coverage across a paper and across several exam sessions to inform future planning and content.
  • Complete security of all your data.
Creating items is simple

To find out more about GradeMaker Archive and how it can help you, please give us a call, or contact us on