Quality is at the heart of GradeMaker Pro

Using GradeMaker Pro authors can create complex items with ease, using sophisticated review tools to boost quality. 

Our powerful but easy to use online tool streamlines the process of authoring, allowing you to focus on the content and not the logistics of authoring. 

An item within the GradeMaker software

Key features

Map items to curriculum

Plan and monitor curriculum coverage of your assessments by mapping each item easily to your syllabus objectives.

Create complex items

Choose from a drop down list of item types to quickly create a range of question formats.

Capture metadata

Each item can be linked to multiple different fields for easy analysis even by non-specialists.

Preview as you go

Simply click to see how the item looks as you are writing, making it easier to get it right first time.

Toggle between documents

Because the mark scheme is integral, its created alongside the item enabling quick cross referencing as you go.

Collaborative working wherever you are

Log in remotely and securely to create and edit your items.

Automatic test construction tools

Create a whole paper at the press of a button, ready to export to print or for online testing.

Control test characteristics

Comprehensive download of test data makes it easy to review. See your mark scheme build as you select items, saving you time.

Create your perfect paper

Simply drag and drop items to reorder your test, and preview the paper as you build.

"We are now using GradeMaker Pro for all of our exam authoring. We have really valued the level of support we have been given by the GradeMaker team throughout the transition process, and continue to value a productive partnership with the company."
Kate Allen
Chief Administrator, ISEB