Security you can trust

GradeMaker Pro guards your most precious asset: your exam content. 

From the start of the authoring process to the delivery of your high stakes exam papers, you need to know that your content is as secure as it possibly can be. 

That’s why GradeMaker Pro is leading the field with a range of security features and tools. From 2-factor authentication to tight permission controls, every aspect is locked down. 


Key benefits

Secure login

Best in class secure login stops unauthorised users from accessing the system, including 2-factor authentication.

Audit reports

User tracking lets you see who has viewed each item, allowing you to take swift action in the event of a security breach.

Restricted access

You can build a secure bank of individual questions so that contributing authors don't know what's in the final paper.

Is GradeMaker Pro right for me?

If there is something specific you want to know about our authoring platform, just ask us a question here.