Getting started with GradeMaker Pro

Training in GradeMaker

Welcome to getting started with GradeMaker Pro.

You will already have had your first meeting to go through the implementation process, and met with your project manager. They will have directed you here to help you take the next steps.

GradeMaker Pro is a powerful tool that will transform the way you produce exams, maximising  quality and security. To be sure that you get the best out of the system we need make sure that it is set up to  meet your business objectives. That’s why we need to work through this quick start process together.

Your quick steps to success

We want to help you get started successfully on your GradeMaker journey. Here are some areas to help you:

  • Understanding the system and your set-up choices
  • Making your set-up choices
  • Getting the most out of GradeMaker
  • Ongoing help and support

Understanding the system

Understanding your set-up choices is the first step to making sure your implementation is really successful. That’s why it is really important to read through the eleven areas that you need to make choice on before you have your next meeting with your project manager. If you have any questions about any of this, they will discuss it with you then. Please go here to read this.

Getting your site set up

Now you have read through these short guides to  understand more about the system and how it can be set up, you are ready to make your decisions about set-up. Your project manager will go through this handy list to record your choices. They will use it to configure your site exactly how you need it. (this will probably be a word ticklist with images where helpful, which project manager fills in with them together) This will be sent to you for your records.

Getting the most out of GradeMaker

Now your site is configured just the way you want it, we will have talked through together how to get the best out of the system.  You will find these handy hints and tips summarised here, so you can revist them at anytime and refresh your knowledge. (these can be added here or incorporated into the help site)

Getting the most out of workflow

Getting the most out of user management

Getting the most out of project management

Getting the most out of syllabus management

Getting the most out of subject set-up

Help and support

We have lots of help and support available that is constantly updated as new functionality is released. We encourage you to make full of use of the great materials that you can find there, and the short walk through films too. (link to help area)