Version Compare: Complete Your Accountability and Efficiency Toolset

Are you tired of manually tracking changes and managing multiple versions of exam items or papers? 

Do you want to improve the security, quality, and efficiency of your test development process, but don’t know where to start?

If so, the new Version Compare feature in GradeMaker Pro could make a big difference to your team.

Balancing accountability and efficiency in your exam development process is critical. Failing to manage multiple versions of items and papers can lead to errors, leaks, and non-compliance with regulations. But with GradeMaker Pro’s comprehensive workflow and authoring tools, you can ensure your team is working collaboratively and efficiently to deliver high-quality exams, where nothing falls through the cracks.

Version Compare is a brand-new feature in the GradeMaker suite that allows you to easily and clearly see the changes that have been made between two different versions of an item or paper. This feature is a powerful tool that will help you to strengthen your reputation and meet regulatory compliance standards by ensuring that you can maintain the accuracy and consistency of exam content.

Improve the Efficiency of your Exam Development

During a through quality assurance process, items often have to undergo multiple revisions.

When working in standard Office programs, it can be difficult and time consuming to identify – with certainty – when and where particular changes have been made.

This challenge is compounded further when there are multiple papers across a variety of channels being communicated between a wide range of contributors with diverse responsibilities.

Different document versions can end up in circulation, with many different deletions and corrections overwriting one another. 

Traditional programs also often don’t offer the flexibility to develop in parallel the additional media and materials which are essential to rich assessment.

To combat this challenge, many test developers are moving to specialized authoring systems. When all content is managed centrally, you can be confident that every change has happened in one place and can be easily traced back through its development journey.

With GradeMaker’s Version Compare tools, you can instantly evaluate changes made to every element of your tests. You can see the complete history of papers, questions and mark scheme, as well as any additional documents and assets that are linked to them.

Enable Precise Accountability in the Test Authoring Process

Errors in assessments can have serious consequences, from affecting the results of the test-takers, to damaging the credibility of a whole organisation.

Version Compare joins our suite of accountability tools, which already allow you to audit the access logs of users and trace activity in the event of a leak.

The new Version Compare feature will add to this by enabling a swift Root Case Analysis process in the event that a mistake appears in a final paper.

This feature will allow you to quickly and confidently trace the source of an error and build extra steps into your workflow to prevent them from occurring in the future. In addition to this, if your regulatory body requires proof of action under these circumstances, you will be able to minimize any penalties from them by demonstrating this clear and secure system, for discovering and remedying the issue.

A Toolset for Assessment Professionals

Version Compare is just one of many features that make up the complete accountability and efficiency toolset provided by GradeMaker Pro.

With this centralised exam management system, you can:

This not only streamlines the process, but it also ensures a high level of security for your content, which eliminates the risk of losing important data.

By using GradeMaker Pro’s test authoring platform, you can improve the efficiency of your development process and continue to deliver high-quality assessments.

Take a look at Version Compare with a personalized demonstration and discover the other powerful tools available in GradeMaker Pro today!

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