Authoring Process: Free Checklist

Authoring Process Checklist for innovating test publishing

Organisations wanting to implement innovations in their assessments need to start by establishing good authoring processes.

Whether you want to enhance the quality and security of your processes, lay a strong foundation for print and digital testing, or just want to improve the efficiency of your production, a solid authoring system is crucial to success.

Most organisations, however, run authoring processes which have been constructed over many years in a way which only solves short-term problems. These complicated inherited processes often do not possess enough flexibility for new products or efficiencies to be brought in.

If you are developing high-stakes tests and want to identify which parts of your process could be holding you back from delivering change, this free innovation readiness checklist is for you.

Once you have identified the processes which are creating issues, you can address them first.
When you have the right operational foundation in place, your teams will be able to more quickly upscale production, adapt to new projects and launch into new ventures.

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