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Online test authoring

GradeMaker Pro is a unique, fully-featured authoring and item banking system for print and online exams. This powerful technology supports every step in your authoring process from first draft to final published test.

GradeMaker: Test Development Platform for Writing, Editing and Publishing exams and assessments
GradeMaker: Test Development Platform for item banking and publishing high-stakes exams

National data analysis

GradeMaker Analytics provides educational data analysis for governments around the world, providing actionable insights and transforming school improvement.

What's new in assessment authoring?

Documentation in Disarray? Easy Organisation for your Author Guidance

Keeping essential author guidance up-to-date, organised and easy to access can be challenging. Discover the easy way to centralise all your guidance documents and improve the quality and efficiency of your authoring processes with GradeMaker Pro.

What Makes Cloud-Hosting the Most Secure Option for your Exam Authoring?

Are you comparing local vs cloud-hosted question development systems? Get answers to the most common questions awarding bodies ask when updating their test authoring.

Easy Paper Composition: Balance your Tests Faster with Digital Authoring

Easy Paper Composition: Balance your Tests Faster with Digital Authoring

Are you manually calculating the composition of your papers? Does it take a lot of time and effort to make sure you have a well-balanced test? See how our paper composition tools can help you to achieve the perfect paper balance — every time.

Efficiency tools to cut test production time in half

5 tools that will save you months of test development time

The quality assurance that makes great assessments possible also needs efficient management of test development processes. This is why the most forward-thinking organisations are focussing on improving their workflows...

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GradeMaker has been awarded the 27001 certification and the cyber essential plus certification in recognition of our provision of secure software and secure online exam authoring services to educational organisations in the fields of assessment testing and data analysis.