Exam authoring during Covid 19:

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We want to send our best wishes to all our clients and friends in the assessment sector and to wish you well during this difficult time.  If we can help you at all with any exam authoring challenges you face, then please get in touch.

GradeMaker provides best in class exam authoring software,  for online exams and paper exams, to exam boards (including the AQA – the largest exam board in the UK), Ministries of Education,  Higher Education institutions and private assessment organisations  around the world – helping deliver valid and reliable assessments, and improving the quality, efficiency and security of exam authoring and online testing.

We are now pleased to offer customers end-to-end online exam delivery, as well as the ability to integrate with any online exam  player.

Exam authors love our system and we have successfully implemented it within four weeks, to allow them to carry on during Covid 19 and hit exam deadlines by taking months of authoring schedules.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and we work with you to take you on a journey of transformation to online exam authoring and online testing. We have recently been awarded the ISO 27001 Certification and the Cyber Essential Plus Certification in recognition of our provision of secure software and secure online exam authoring  and testing services to educational organisations in the fields of assessment testing and data analysis. Security is of paramount importance to us, and we strive to go above and beyond in this area.


Our services at a glance

GradeMaker Pro is an online exam authoring system that is being used by exam organisations and educational institutions globally to transform assessment, making it easy to improve the quality and security of your exams. Now with end to end exam delivery.

GradeMaker Analytics provides educational data analysis for governments around the world, transforming school improvement. (excluding the UK)

GradeMaker Archive is a free service to transform your past exam content to a digital library, to enable you to write better exams based on what has performed well in the past.

“We have our customer needs absolutely at the heart of our business and we are passionate about helping clients meet the challenge of developing valid, reliable, secure assessments.”
David Haggie
Managing Director

GradeMaker awarded ISO 27001

GradeMaker Ltd has been awarded ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognised standard of information security management, for our provision of secure software and secure services to educational organisations in the fields of assessment testing and data analysis. This means that our processes and systems are robust in protecting our data, and that of our clients