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Alice Leigh

6 Features You Won’t Find in Any Other Authoring System

Exploring new test authoring systems can be complicated. There are lots of options available and weighing their pros and cons is a lot of work. And because rolling out a new exams system is a significant investment; you’ll want to be sure you have chosen the best value service that meets your specific needs. All too often, however, systems designed to modernise exams neglect the critical authoring side of the process. The tools which come as part of most exam delivery systems are often too simplistic – if they are present at all. Your team can be left having to […]

Improving Productivity, Compliance and Author Satisfaction: The Potential of 2FA for your Exam Development

Two-Factor Authentication is now standard to most high-stakes online services, but its benefits are not limited to simply enhancing security. By modernising authoring technology to incorporate 2FA you can now significantly improve your processes in other ways too.