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Two proactive ways to navigate the print or on-screen assessment impasse

Many assessment developers are hesitant to jump into the world of e-testing with both feet, wary of its potential impact on the quality, reliability, or security of their assessments.

This guide will give you some options for futureproofing your processes one step at a time to make the transition more manageable.

Stephen Austin Group welcomes experienced industry figures to new Group Board

From January 2022, the Group, a trusted partner to high-stakes awarding organisations
worldwide, will draw on the expertise of Simon Lebus, formerly Chief Executive of Cambridge
Assessment and Interim Chief Regulator at Ofqual and Terry Sweeney, CEO of online education
specialists Insendi and former CEO of RM Education Plc.

Beyond Multiple Choice Conference: Getting Authoring Right

This year we were delighted to speak at the Beyond Multiple Choice conference, a three day virtual event where assessment leaders from around the world shared ideas on innovating and improving all areas of testing.

David Haggie, assessment enthusiast and Managing Director of GradeMaker, ran a session investigating the barriers to innovation that plague so many high-stakes assessment providers, and how stagnant authoring processes are often the root cause.

Authoring Process: Free Checklist

Organisations wanting to implement innovations in their assessments need to start by establishing good authoring processes.

Whether you want to enhance the quality and security of your processes, lay a strong foundation for print and digital testing, or just want to improve the efficiency of your production, a solid authoring system is crucial to success.

New Feature: Automatic Typesetting

Developing a high-stakes exam is a logistical challenge – a challenge that continues long after the exam is written. The final typesetting and design process may eat into months of your production cycle and take a large proportion of your budget.

We have been hearing for years that this is a huge issue for testing organisations, slowing everything down and putting extra pressure on production teams.

If these issues sound familiar, then instant typesetting is for you.