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New Feature: Automatic Typesetting

Developing a high-stakes exam is a logistical challenge – a challenge that continues long after the exam is written. The final typesetting and design process may eat into months of your production cycle and take a large proportion of your budget.

We have been hearing for years that this is a huge issue for testing organisations, slowing everything down and putting extra pressure on production teams.

If these issues sound familiar, then instant typesetting is for you.

What should I look for in an e-authoring system?

Developing valid and reliable tests is complicated. The necessary confidentiality, plus the inevitable complexity of test production means that you need something which ticks ALL the boxes, but what are those boxes?

If you are part of an awarding bodies and want to make sure you cover all your bases when identifying and prioritising exam authoring software requirements, this guide is for you.

The Philippine-based Center for Educational Measurement, Inc. (CEM) has partnered with GradeMaker

CEM is a well-respected independent assessment body based in the Philippines, providing a diverse set of high-stakes assessments to the academe, professional organizations and other industries for their various testing needs. CEM began working with GradeMaker to seek solutions for enhancing their item bank authoring systems. Amongst their priorities were to automate test construction, enhance security, and make further developments to quality control procedures. Following a successful pilot, CEM has now chosen GradeMaker Pro to be their new authoring platform, to support them in streamlining their services. Father Roderick C. Salazar, Jr., SVD, Acting CEO at CEM said:  “GradeMaker Pro is […]

National Centre for External Evaluation of Education, Croatia, takes on GradeMaker technology

The National Centre for Educational Evaluation (NCEE) is responsible for the conduct of examinations in Croatia. The NCEE is preparing a new examination and looked to the introduction of e-authoring technology to improve working processes, especially during the Covid pandemic. They were also looking to drive improvements overall in the quality, security and efficiency of its test development operations. ‘ We were pleased to be able to adopt GradeMaker pro for live exams authoring, after an initial trial of the software. GradeMaker Pro has helped us continue to write exams, even during the Covid pandemic.’ Natalija Curkovic, Senior Expert Advisor. […]

GradeMaker Pro a finalist for the 2021 EdTechAwards

GradeMaker Pro is a finalist in the Cool Tool category in the #EdTechAwards 2021. The EdTech Awards were established in 2010 to recognize, acknowledge, and celebrate the most exceptional innovators, leaders, and trendsetters in education technology.  The Managing Director, David Haggie, said, ‘We are totally committed to transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere. So I am really delighted that GradeMaker Pro has been recognised by the #EdTechAwards this year.’

Typesetting at the press of a button

We’re living in a transformative moment for how people create and deliver exams.  That’s why we are launching a new ‘print ready’ function in the GradeMaker Pro exam-authoring software in Spring 2021, which will save you time – and money. You will be able to create fully templated print ready exam papers at the click of a button. What’s more, to match the preview we offer currently for online exam player output,  you will  now  be able to preview the final print ready papers within the software too. The style sheet driven output is ready to be printed, coming to you […]